Agent Six: These briefings are gonna be normal operating procedures. Get used to it, kid.
Rex: I can promise you, for a kid this is not normal.

Rex: Ah, this is perfect. We can hang out, lay low. Finally get some normal for a change.
Bobo Haha: Ah, sand plus fur equals itch.
Rex: Talking chimps, not normal. (Bobo makes monkey sounds) Mas chido.

Noah Nixon: (Watching two females pass in front of them) I don't know how you'd ever forget a thing like this.
Rex: Eh. They're nothing compared to Dr. Holiday.
Noah: Isn't she like old? 28 or something? You just need to get over that and meet some girls your own age.
Bobo Haha: (Bobo burps) And low IQ.

Rex: (After Rex accidentally tackles Circe) Are you okay? (Circe gives him a dirty look) Did you see that awesome save?!
Circe: (Dryly) Sorry, I was busy trying not to get tackled by some nitwit.
Rex: Yeah? How'd that work out for ya? ...and who still uses the word nitwit? I'm Rex.
Circe: I'm leaving

(Rex follows after Circe, who jumps on top of him from a tree branch.)
Circe: Why are you following me?
Rex: Uhhh...I don't know... exactly...
Circe: Do you think I'm playing?
Rex: Well, if you are, I'm down for another game. I thought maybe we could hang out? It is spring break, you know? Fun?
Circe: I'm with my family. We're not really here for fun.
Rex: What?! Who comes to the beach and doesn't have fun? (Circe raises her hand)
Rex: Don't you think that's a little messed up?
Circe: Maybe a little.
Rex: So?
Circe: I'm Circe.

Circe: You're an E.V.O.?
Rex: You catch on fast.
Circe: Takes one to know one. (Circe's mouth changes into her E.V.O form)
Rex: No way!

Circe: (after Rex revives) Did I hurt you?
Rex: Yeah. It was awesome!

Rex: It's not a date.
Noah: Make sure to ask her stuff. Girls like when you talk to them.
Rex: It's not a date.
Bobo Haha: Buy her some shoes. That's what girls really like
Rex: (Fixing hair) It's NOT a date, it's just... I'm an E.V.O., she's an E.V.O....
Noah: Oh, and ask for the second date, before you screw up this one.
Rex: It's not a date.

Agent Six: Everyone at Providence is so caught up about controlling your nanites that...they forget you can't even control your hormones.
Rex: This isn't going to be a "birds bees and machines" talk, is it?

Bobo Haha: (as Six is fighting Biowulf) Don't you worry, green bean. We got your back.
Noah: We do?
Bobo Haha: Nah. My money's on the one with the claws.

Circe: Rex. You stopped it.

Rex: We make a good team, huh?

Circe: Yeah. We sure do.

(They lean in closer for a passionate kiss)

Biowulf: This trial was for you alone. Van Kleiss will not be pleased.

Rex: Forget them, Circe. Come with me. Providence could use you.

Circe: That's not my life, Rex. I'm sorry. I did have fun.

Agent Six: I could... probably buy you a few more days here.
Rex: Thanks Six, but... let's just go home.
Agent Six: Hey, you wanted normal? I've got news for you. What you're feeling right now, about her, doesn't get any more normal than that.
Van Kleiss: We had high hopes for you abilities, Circe. Failure leaves its mark on yet another pretty face.
Circe: I'm not afraid
Van Kleiss: Of course not. You're a survivor, like all of us. I understand you made a friend during your trial. I'm pleased. Rex is very important to me, Circe. Which makes you important to me as well. Welcome to the Pack.