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This article is Biowulf's Quotes Page!
This page contains all important quotes made by or about the aforementioned character. If you have found a significant quote that is not seen on this page please add it, being sure to list it under the appropriate section.

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Season 1


Dr. Holiday: (as everyone is fighting) STOP! Need I point out that this isn't the best place for a fight. Anything happens to that storage tank and you'll know why Providence made this place so remote. Now let's just talk this out calmly, rationally.
Biowulf: Whatever happens here, Weaver. It's nothing compared to what Van Kleiss would have done to you.

Rex: What do you say guy? Common enemy? Little help?
Biowulf: Good luck. (Biowulf and Skalamander run off)
Rex: Right. What was I thinking?

Dark Passage

Biowulf: You should have stayed in Abyssus, master. Even with this suit and soil from home, your powers are weak.
Van Kleiss: This is no ordinary errand, Biowulf. An old friend has just announced his return. Dr. Rylander's calling card to the Consortium offers an interesting prospect. A limitless supply of active nanites - all that power - any time - anywhere.


White Knight: I use that electromagnet to trap stray nanites. You're lucky it's on the lowest setting. Any higher and it would rip the nanites right out of you.
Biowulf: Then why don't you?
White Knight: Because then I wouldn't be able to do THIS! (Knight kicks Biowulf)

Season 2


Circe: You're right you know. We should be down there with him. What is he up to anyway?
Biowulf: I... do not know.
Circe: You don't know? I thought he trusted you with everything.
Biowulf: Of course he does! He just (Biowulf reaches into the bushes and grabs Rex. Rex screams)
Rex: Hey! Easy on the stealth suit. Which apparently isn't so stealthy.

NoFace: There was one who tormented us. Humiliated us. The grower of machines.
Van Kleiss: Ah Rex. Another thorn we share. My proposal is simple: you control a formidable legion. I, in turn, can provide escape and the vengeance you seek. I can be you liberator. You can be my General. Together we will *crush* our enemies. Starting with the one you hate most. Now, then are we...
Biowulf: (Entering) Master, I have report.
Van Kleiss: This is a private conversation. Can't you handle the slightest detail without bothering me?
Biowulf: ...Of course, Master. It was nothing.

Rex: You coming or what?
Biowulf: I was never here.

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