DI Hutton: (seeing Rex and Noah accidentally spitting their toothpaste) Did you just mess up my floor?! Pick that up and put it back in your mouths!

DI Hutton: (When he hears Rex vomits) Did you just mess up my lawn?!

DI Hutton: Who's next?

Noah: Rex!
DI Hutton: He can handle himself. I need all of you. We've still got a cadet down there.
Male Cadet: But we're unarmed.
DI Hutton: What you are is Providence, and we never leave a man behind.

DI Hutton: And here I was thinking I had misjudged you.
Rex: Really? Think I could hack it here?
DI Hutton: Not a chance. (to Noah) You, maybe. Now both of you, hit the steps... And keep up the good work.

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