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Cartoon Network Universe: Fusion Fall is an MMORPG (abbreviated for: Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). The game allows the player to enter the Cartoon Network Universe and make an avatar in a battle with Fuse, the main antagonist, and his Fusion army, which is an evil copy of a character in one of the Cartoon Network series. The game was announced to the public and released on January 14, 2009 (though it was set for mid-2008). The game has hundreds of cartoon characters and elements in the game, including many characters from Generator Rex. It was redesigned in an anime style by Midori Foo.

The story

Planet Fusion, ruled by the evil Fuse, has traveled throughout the galaxy for millennia, devastating and absorbing countless planets and civilizations, and its next target will be the planet Earth, specifically the Cartoon Network universe. Now the player must join forces with the heroes and villains of the Cartoon Network universe to save the planet and defeat Fuse.

Generator Rex characters



  • Rex (acquired with code or at Level 2)
  • Van Kleiss (as an Unstable Nano, coming soon as a full Nano)
  • Bobo Haha (coming soon)

NPCs (Non playable characters)

  • Rex Salazar (found in Petting Zoo, Mount Neverest and Townsville Park; previously found in Pokey Oaks North [The Future])
  • Bobo Haha (found in Townsville Park; previously found in Pokey Oaks North [The Future])
  • Agent Six (found in Townsville Center)
  • Van Kleiss (coming soon)
  • Ben Tennyson (found in Null Void, Mount Neverest, Ship's Interior and Offworld Plaza; previously found in Tech Square [The Future])
  • Random Providence agents are scouted around the Fusion Fall world

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