Gang's hideout

The gang's hideout.

The gang's hideout is an empty rooftop water tower in Hong Kong where Rex's old gang lives. Practically remodeled, the hideout has some things that a normal household has, such as a kitchen, bathroom, and sofas.


Rex Salazar's friends brought him to their home when they met him again in Hong Kong. Rex was fascinated by the area and wondered how they remodeled everything. Skwydd simply stated that they "lifted" it. However, it was destroyed later on by Quarry at one point to make the teenagers realize his power.[1]

When Rex revisited Hong Kong, it was obvious the group had rebuilt their base. Rex broke down the door, eventually getting that repaired too. Their hideout was also revealed to Breach, who infiltrated the group's home and did some minor damage to capture Circe.[2]




Season One

Season Two


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