Gila Fang
Species Animal EVO
Unusual features Fangs sprouting out of face
Horned back
Further info
First appearance "The Forgotten"
Last appearance "Basic"

Gila Fang EVOs [1] are first seen in the Bug Jar. One of these EVOs was captured by Providence to be used in the Cage.


The Gila Fang EVO lives among the many EVOs in the Bug Jar. Like the other EVO's in this territory, it is also controlled by NoFace. Six and Rex first encountered a Gila Fang by knocking it out cold after infiltrating one of its locations.[2]

There were others outside of the Bug Jar, there were some that were captured and used to train Providence cadets. After Kenwyn Jones sabotaged the system, she helped try to contain them, getting tramped by a Gila Fang in the process.[3]


Season One


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