Species Animal EVO
Body type Rat/canine
Unusual features Exposed muscles and organs
Permanently shut eyes
Skinned rat tail
Further info
First appearance "The Architect"
Last appearance "Black and White"

A Gnasht is a species of EVO that has characteristics of both canines and rats. Gnashts have been known to develop in both desert regions and urban areas.[1][2]


Season One

Gnashts are seen eating the power lines connecting to a village. At first, Rex was winning in his fight against them, but soon the EVOs overpowered him and probably would have won if it hadn't been for Jacob.[1] Gnasht later appeared amongst NoFace's hoard of EVOs. Again, several Gnasht were used by the Providence Defect Group to sneak into Providence Headquarters.


Season One

Season Three

Video Games


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