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201-Construction zone

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After being captured by Providence, Bobo was an EVO monkey out of the ordinary. With his optimistic personality, he quickly befriended Rex. With his quick perception and rate of intelligence, he made a formidable ally among Providence agents. He help fights alongside Providence and moved in closer to finding a cure and helping Rex discover his past.

Season One

The Day That Everything Changed

I Had Mexican Yesterday

Bobo planned to take revenge on the skaters

Bobo and Rex were both in The Keep, watching a fight going on below between Providence and the Multi-faced EVO. The ship finally flew above the city which prompted Rex to spring into battle without hesitation, making Bobo feel quite uncomfortable.

Later, the group was back at Providence Headquarters. Rex got examined by Dr. Holiday and was told to do a few laps around the Petting Zoo. Bobo went with him and they both escaped to the city. They encountered a group of skater hoodlums and misused Rex.

Calling Rex a "freak", Bobo chased after them, deciding to give them "Bobo bombs". Moments later, Bobo, along with Rex and their new friend Noah, were captured by The Pack. The group ended up through the portal where they were greeted by Van Kleiss. In response to Van Kleiss' power, Bobo asked for refreshment. Van Kleiss responded his request by forming a small rain cloud on top of his head.

Bobo, who believed he's a show-off, was led to Van Kleiss' castle with Rex and Noah. Once they reached there, Bobo asked if he could eat something, Van Kleiss signaled Biowulf to lead Bobo and Noah to the garden while Rex stayed with him. They strolled through the garden, when Noah informed Bobo that he suspected the statues in the garden were not statues but EVOs, leading them into a fight.

Fortunately, they escaped, only to find Rex's Nanites were being absorbed by Van Kleiss. While Rex was losing nanites, Bobo managed to distract Van Kleiss by throwing a large rock at him, giving Rex time to fight back. They managed to escape the castle and encountered Agent Six. Six informed Rex that the Providence had found them via a tracking device in Bobo's diaper.

The group fought Van Kleiss along with the Pack, but they succeeded in the end. Bobo and the rest of the group managed to find their way back to Providence Headquarters. He and Rex were granted a new room.[1]

String Theory

Bobo accompanied Rex and Agent Six in New York, battling against Peter Meechum and his "Zombie" army. During the fight, Bobo was infected by Meechum's abillity to take control of others bodies, thus his body is controlled and joins his army. Later, after Rex had succeeded in curing Peter Meechum and deactivating the bleach bomb, Bobo was seen, already back to normal, watching the view with Rex from the bridge. When Rex left to find Meechum's daughter, Bobo realized that Six had taken the Bleach Bomb's key, meaning that the bomb wouldn't explode even if Rex couldn't shut it off.[2]

Beyond the Sea

103-Bobo and Rex Cabo Luna

Bobo and Rex spend time with one another at Cabo Luna.

During the routine morning brief led by Captain Calan, Bobo noticed the famous resort area Cabo Luna was mentioned. Feeling curious, Rex asked what it was. After Bobo explained he and Rex planned to escape Providence and went to Cabo Luna with Noah. Though he despised sand, he enjoyed the beach with Rex and Noah. He was encountered by two curious beach girls asking if he could bite, with a grin Bobo answered her. Bobo waited with Noah when Rex finished all terrain race. When Circe used her powers to lure the beach beast, Bobo was attracted to her call, faintly walking and fell down to the sea from the cliff. He was helped by Noah after Rex left him with the responsibility. During the battle with the Pack, Bobo and Noah aided Agent Six. They both worked together successfully defeating Breach and Biowulf.[3]


In the Valley Market Rex, Bobo and Agent Six were fighting an EVO called Foul Mouth. But Bobo couldn't continue to help because was trapped; accidentally caged on a shopping cart that was penetrated to the wall. After the fight, Bobo was shown during the time Rex gave Noah tour. At first from his room and then the gym. In the basketball court, he was using what was suppose to be Rex's private bathroom, and comically warning Rex and Noah not to go into it after he was done. During the lockdown as Spider EVO was released, he was with the rest of agents. He only commented lightly that things were getting interesting when they lost contact with Rex.[4]

The Architect

During Rex's absence, Agent Six had suspected that Bobo was helping him. He asked where Rex went which Bobo refused to answer because he's too valuable to White Knight. Six threatened Bobo, revealing the fact that the simian was expendable. Then Bobo gave up and told the agent which it eventually, a false direction. Bobo laughed when Agent Six returned again. But he obeyed quickly when Agent Six bribed him with pizza and telling him Rex's exact location.[5]


Bobo Paradise

Bobo flies the Providence ship to Paradise.

When Rex undergoes a nanite overload, Bobo pilots the group to Paradise. When entering, Bobo and the group ran into Weaver, a former Providence agent who tried to prevent them from coming in unannounced. Bobo and Six both threatened Weaver with their weapons allowing them to pass soon afterward. Meanwhile, the group take Rex to the Nanite Chamber to remove his surplus nanites, Bobo plays poker with other Providence agents. When Rex wakes up, he witnesses The Pack and a finds the group locked in an containment room by Weaver, who had been working with the Pack and giving Van Kleiss Rex's active nanites from his past treatments. Bobo soon gets into a battle with The Pack as well, but they all escape.

Weaver undergoes an accidental EVO transformation, causing the group to flee. While trying to escape, Paradise is prone to colliding, which Bobo and Holiday soon pilot their ship off of. They make it safely to another base where Rex gets his nanites full extracted. This leaves Bobo and Rex to walk out to spend time with one another.[6]

Leader of the Pack

Bobo Rex - Leader of the Pack

Rex and Bobo investigating secret underground lair

After Rex was ordered not to harm Van Kleiss, Bobo and the rest of the team were attending a short brief with White Knight. After it was over, Bobo commented how Rex easily complied to White Knight's order. When Agent Six managed to attend Van Kleiss' party, he was greeted by Bobo. The simian was teasing him for letting himself get trapped by Rex. Bobo then was assigned by Six to help him get in to the building. While Agent Six distracted te guard, Bobo climbed and entered to open the back door. Even though Bobo was distracted by the food, he succeeded. When the party was over, seeing there's no sign of Rex, Bobo was assigned again to find him. While sneaking through the building, Bobo was caught by Biowulf. He was locked in a room with fainted Rex.

As soon as Rex was conscious, he and Bobo escaped and went to investigate the most hidden and lowest room of the building: the underground floor. Bobo and Rex discovered Van Kleiss' real intention. After the war with Van Kleiss was over, as the The Pack escaped, Bobo was seen again inside Providence's Assault Vehicle reporting another task for Rex.[7]

Breach (episode)

After Rex's sudden disappearance, Bobo was in Badlands with Agent Six. Since he hated the weather, Bobo went to a cave disregarding Six's warning. He quickly exited it when he was pursued by a large Scorpion-like EVO. When he was captured Bobo's laser gun accidentally shot in wrong direction, to the Scorthius' nest. They were soon outnumbered and surrounded by all of them. But Breach's portal appeared out of nowhere and dump her unwanted items on top of the Scorthius. The EVOs were squashed as their liquid splashed to Agent Six and Bobo's face who could only comment that he's not complaining. A providence's jet arrived in time to pick them up back to the Keep.[8]

Dark Passage

109-Bobo fights along Holiday

Bobo fights with Holiday to hold off the Pack.

Bobo joined the Providence's team to the Amazon to secure an abandoned base to which the packages have been traced. While riding a boat to go to their destination, he gave a warning to Rex's about the cruelty of nature. The boat was soon attacked by EVO piranhas, but Dr. Holiday, Agent Six, Rex and Bobo survived. Together, they battled against Van Kleiss and the Pack with the help of Providence's backup pilot led by Captain Calan, while Rex was ordered to go inside the hidden research lab which was belong to Gabriel Rylander. The team retreated after it was destroyed.[9]

The Forgotten

Bobo joined Agent Six and Rex on a mission into The Bug Jar to retreive a valuable Data rod. Bobo's assignment is to blow a hole into the shield of the Bug Jar using a missal launcher through which Rex can escape. Unfortunately the ship was shot down by the Turret EVO and Bobo was forced to use the missal launcher to fend off a Floater thereby trapping the trio in the Bug Jar.

The trio are swarmed by a army of EVOs led by a EVO dubbed NoFace. Escaping them the trio encounter a pair from Callans crew named Beasly and Wade. With the help of the two agents the trio make their way to Callan and the other members of the downed crew who are being forced to repair their ship by NoFace. The group makes their last stand on top of a abandoned hotel, Bobo using his guns in the fight and are eventually rescued.

Operation: Wingman

After Noah lost a limo which was an accident caused by Annie, Bobo responded to Rex's request for help by bringing the Providence's Assault Vehicle. He drove the vehicle, escorting Rex, Noah, Annie and Claire to the prom. When the Rabbit EVO pursuing them, he began to ignore the rules and regulation of driving. He encourage them to use the Vehicle's equipment because escaping from the Rabbit EVO was his current priority.[10]

The Hunter

Bobo significantly contributed to Rex's lost faith in humanity. He encouraged Rex to stop defending the people that hate him calling them "Idiots" because they don't tend to think for themselves and "sheep" blindly following the crowd, in this case Hunter Cain's anti-EVO propaganda. Bobo later redeemed himself by stating that while humans are idiots, they sometimes get it right.


Bobo was seen briefly with most of the Providence's agents, watching Dr. Holiday and her team of science creating a new way to cure EVOs in Space Station. He teased Rex, warning him that he would lose his job. During Zag RS' sudden appearance, Bobo and the rest of the Providence's agents were monitoring Rex's effort on saving them all in the station. He was crestfallen when there were no signs of their survival, but went relieved after the surviving team responded.[11]

What Lies Beneath

Bobo briefly appeared at the begining of the episode where he and Rex were planning to sneakout and get some taco's. Their trip was sidewined by a call from Circe they planned to hijack a dropship to fly to Abysus. Their attempt was stopped dead by Six who informed them that all the ships were down for matenaince. Learning that Six was planning on coming with them after checking on something Rex and Bobo got their food after all. Rex later learned that Six assigned Bobo to send White Knight on a wild Goose chase using their comunicators so that they may go to Abysus without interruptions.

The Swarm

116-Six Rex and Bobo fights

Bobo fights along with the group.

Bobo participated in the fight against the Lomitle, making a side bet with Rex on who can take out more of the insects. He also instructed a group of Providence Agents on how to use the Providence broiler at the Great wall of China. Dispite his best efforts the wall was destroyed.

Bobo did however kill the final Lomitle, and realizing that Rex won the bet by spraying the Lomitles with their Tag Pheremone leaked information to the press that Rex's Underwear was Providence's secret weapon against the swarm, as payback.[12]


During the mass infection from the mysterious plague, Bobo Haha was asleep beside Agent Six. Bobo's unconsciousness had confused Dr. Holiday, because the plague wasn't supposed to affect EVOs. In the end, it was revealed that Bobo was taking a nap the whole time. When he woke up, he was confused by Rex and Dr. Holiday's amusement. Instead replying, Dr. Holiday and Rex went out to the room, as Rex turn off the lamp and saying good night.[13]


On a mission with Providence; with Bobo driving, Rex and Noah are travelling along a fleet of Providence vehicles in order to transport unstable nanites. Along the way, Rex used his technopathy on the old truck, which caused it to blow a fuse in smoke, and caused Bobo to steer off route. Once realizing this, Bobo sped off in search for Providence.

After making a pit stop, the group continued their travel. After a while they realized that they were on the right path when they ran into remains of destroyed providence vehicles. Soon encountered the one responsible for the destruction, a group of modern day road pirates led by the anarchistic cyborg, Gatlocke. Rex was able to bluff the group out of a fight and Bobo was able to escape with them them away.

While Rex fought off the Anarchists Bobo spent the fight driving the truck away from them culminating in backup from Providence taking down the anarchists. With the fight over and the unstable nanites they were transporting rendered useless Noah, Bobo and a driving Rex drove off into the desert and end up getting lost again.


During Van Kleiss's attack on the Keep Bobo was taking his afternoon nap. During the attack he was rudely awoken by the attacking EVOs and as a result attacked them in a frenzy first with a Providence Broiler and then with his laser pistols as payback. Bobo later dressed in the uniform of a Providence agent alongside Rex and Noah.

After Rex's nanites were drained by Van Kleiss Rex ordered Bobo to fly him down south. Bobo at first believed that Rex was telling him to abandon Providence to Van Kleiss but he soon realized that Rex was telling him to fly to the Purgatory Base where he intended to fill himself up with nanites and force the Omega-1 Nanite to activate. Bobo showed concern for Rex seeing what a similar process did to Weaver.

While Rex is fighting Van Kleiss Bobo and Noah spots Breach planting bombs throughout Providence and they inform Rex whom uses his newly enhanced technopathy to deactivate every bomb.


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