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Noah is a sixteen year old and former spy hired by White Knight to keep a close eye on Rex and to keep him from misbehaving.[1] He befriended Rex by pretending he was a normal teenager. Noah later confessed to him, altering their friendship. Throughout their relationship, they've grown closer, ultimately becoming best friends and allies with Providence.

Season One

The Day That Everything Changed

101-Rex and Noah

Noah immediately "befriends" Rex.

Noah introduced himself to Rex and Bobo right after the Skaters suggested going to an arcade to use Rex's powers to hack the games. Noah and Rex immediately hit off after Noah offered to buy them some soda. After they talked to each other for a while, Agent Six and some Providence agents came to retrieve Rex and Bobo.

When the group was ambushed by the Pack, Noah got pushed through a portal to Abysus by Skalamander. Back in Abysus, Noah and Bobo were taken to the gardens by The Pack. Noah noticed that the statues in the garden weren't actually statues but once living EVOs that had been petrified, to which Skalamander replied "smart kid," right before attacking. Noah managed to drop-kick Breach, incapacitating her for a moment. Later, when Rex was battling Van Kleiss, Noah suggested that Van Kleiss didn't just control the earth, but that he was actually a part of it. Rex confirmed this by sensing that every square inch of Abysus was infused with nanites. Eventually, Rex, Bobo, Noah, and Agent Six managed to escape from Abysus.

It is later revealed that Noah was hired by White Knight in order to keep an eye on Rex.[1]

String Theory

Rex sneaked out of Providence Headquarters to play basketball with Noah. Noah expressed that he was glad that Rex was out fighting hostile EVOs, even if that meant that Rex was not normal. Later, Rex had Noah go to Peter Meechum's apartment to find out why Meechum was going on a rampage. Noah found out that Peter had a daughter named Sarah, and then Rex discovered that she had been kidnapped by Van Kleiss.[2]

Beyond the Sea

Noah went to Cabo Luna with Rex and Bobo. He participated in a volleyball game with Rex, which he was horrible at. The entire time, Rex and Noah talked about girls, and Noah told Rex that he shouldn't fall for a girl he didn't know, Circe.

After Rex got a "date" with Circe, Noah teased him about it, saying to ask for the second date before the first one started or he'd blow it. When Bobo and Rex heard Circe's EVO call, Noah was left helping Bobo climb back up a cliff and out of the ocean, twice. Once the two of them got to the battle scene, they saved Agent Six from Breach, but all three of them ended up getting teleported to an unknown location by her.[3]


Lockdown Noah defends

Noah protects himself and Rex from an EVO.

Noah was berated by White Knight for not having any influence on Rex and warned him that results had best be seen soon. Later, Rex walked in on Six escorting Noah out of the base. To cover for Noah, Six stated that he had brought him into the base for company for Rex (which both Rex and Dr. Holiday found suspicious).

Later, while giving Noah a tour of the base, Rex and Noah wandered into a bunker and accidentally released a powerful Spider EVO which promptly wreaked havoc on the base. Sensing their end, Noah revealed that he was a spy for White Knight, causing Rex to become so angry he lost control of his powers.

Eventually, Dr. Holiday was able to convince Rex to forgive Noah, allowing him to defeat the EVO. However, Noah's revelation prompted Rex to leave Providence for a time, while Agent Six covered for Noah by stating that it was himself who told Rex of the spying. [4]

Operation: Wingman


Noah and Rex at their double date.

Noah had managed to ask out a girl at school, named Claire, to prom but to score points with her he set Rex up with her supernaturally unlucky best friend, Annie. He eventually convinced Rex to be his wingman for prom night.

Noah was constantly freaked and stressed out all night over both the Rabbit EVO chasing Rex and Annie's path of destruction foiling his attempt at prom at every turn. After Annie and Rex destroyed the EVO, Noah was devastated to learn that they had missed prom night. However, both girls agreed that this was the best night of their lives, greatly enjoying fighting the EVO. The good news made Noah believe that Rex might go on a second date with Annie, only for him to flatly refuse.[5]

The Hunter

Noah was playing basketball with Rex while they discussed Hunter Cain, when the duo were attacked by a mob of angry protestors and Hunter's army. After Rex destroyed one of Hunter's armored buses and injured a protestor, Noah calmly suggested that Rex leave so that he wouldn't make the situation worse.[6]


Basic Noah

Noah participates in distracting the lose EVOs

Noah and Rex went to a Providence training camp after being insulted by Providence agents that they couldn't last a day there. There both Rex and Noah did horribly and were instantly ranked at the bottom of the barrel (yet Noah stated that he was ranked one higher then Rex).

Noah later played a central role in recapturing nine escaped EVOs with the assistance of a recruit named Kenwyn Jones and another cowardly one. The drill instructor stated that Noah had a future as a Providence agent, Rex not so much. Rex and Noah later made a bet about who could get back to civilization first.[7]

Promises, Promises

Noah was briefly seen among the party guests at Rex's birthday party attempting, and failing, to eat a piece of chocolate birthday cake made by Doctor Holiday. Later, Rex left the room to get a camera so he could take a picture of Bobo holding Noah down with a paper bag over his head.[8]


Noah made a cameo amongst the billions of people who had suddenly fallen asleep do to the actions of the EVO known as patient 0. He appeared to have been in the middle of a basket-ball game and is later shown having woken up unharmed.[9]


Noah joined Rex and Bobo in transporting what they believed to be toilet paper to Providence Headquarters and he later assisted Bobo and Rex in fighting off Gatlocke's anarchists. Later, Noah, Rex, and Bobo ended up getting lost in the desert again.[10]


Noah worked with Bobo and Rex to fight off Van Kleiss's attack on the Keep, accompanied Bobo and Rex to the Purgatory base, and finally informed Rex of Breach's attempt to demolish the base via explosives.[11]


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