I-Bol Profile
Vital statistics
Name I-Bol
Base of operations Abysus
Affiliation(s) The Pack
Physical description
Hair color None
Eye color Gold
Abilities  ·Hacking intuition
 ·Interface creation
Further info
First appearance "Payback"
Last appearance "Hard Target"
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I-Bol[1] is a member of the Pack.


After it helped Van Kleiss' attack on Providence Headquarters. It was later captured by Providence. [2]

I-Bol briefly appeared again where it was seen being used by Biowulf to communicate with Breach, meaning it escaped from Providence.[3]


I-Bol has the ability to interfere with any transmission or machine that it comes in contact with. Its large eye can act as a televised screen in order to communicate with others.


Season One

Season Two



  • I-Bol makes an appearance in Cartoon Network Action Pack Issue #65. His name is also revealed.
  • I-Bol's name is a pun on "eyeball" and "I-Pod".


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