Nanite Master

Nanite Master.

Nanite Master is a game from Cartoon Network's website. The player controls Rex to stop Biowulf during a Providence rescue mission.



Nanite Master instructions

Nanite Master instructions.

  • Use SPACE to attack.
  • Use UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT to move Rex.


  • Touch an icon to build that weapon from Rex's body
  • Pick up "Bonus Points" and "Health Points"
    • Bonus Points - 1000 pts.
    • Health Points - Restores HP


  • Smack Hands
  • Slam Cannon
  • Boogie Pack


  • Beat Level 30.
  • Beat Level 10.
  • Get 50 Health Powerups.
  • Beat a level without getting a hit.
  • Use all of Rex's weapons.



  • This is the second time Biowulf appears in a Cartoon Network online game. The first time is in Abysus Arena.

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