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NoFace profile

320-NoFace cured

Vital statistics
Species Human
Base of operations Bug Jar (formerly)
Affiliation(s) The Pack (formerly)
Gatlocke and the Kitty Cats (formerly)
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Black (pre-EVO)
Eye color Brown (pre-EVO)
Abilities  ·Enhanced condition (formerly)
 ·Telepathy (formerly)
Allies Numerous EVOs in the Bug Jar, Valve, Gatlocke, Hunter Cain
Enemies Rex Salazar, Agent Six, Bobo Haha, Captain Calan, Wade, Beasly, Circe, Van Kleiss, Biowulf, Breach, Skalamander, Providence, Rebecca Holiday
Further info
First appearance "The Forgotten"
Last appearance "Endgame, Part 2"
Portrayed by: Fred Tatasciore
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NoFace was a powerful EVO and nemesis of Rex. He was isolated from humanity and kept within the Bug Jar among other EVOs he had control over. He became an issue to Providence after he sought to escape and formed an alliance with Van Kleiss.

At some point, NoFace was imprisonment by Providence, but escaped. Seeking vengeance on Rex, he formed another alliance with Hunter Cain, Valve, and Gatlocke. After failing to get his revenge, he avoided being recaptured and returned to the Bug Jar. Ultimately, he was cured during the Worldwide Cure.



During the Nanite Event, NoFace was in Kiev, Ukraine when a large concentration of active nanites was funneled into the city. NoFace was one of the first inhabitants to turn into an EVO and he apparently went insane. He soon discovered he had the ability to telepathically communicate with other EVOs and control the less intelligent ones.

After a shield was placed around the city, now renamed the Bug Jar, NoFace felt an overwhelming feeling of abandonment. He made getting out of the city his number one priority, and getting revenge on those who abandoned him second.[1]

Season One

The Forgotten

NoFace ordered one of his underlings to shoot down Captain Calan's ship in order to capture the team. He forced Calan and the others to rebuild the ship. When Rex, Bobo and Six were sent on the mission to retrieve an important data rod that Calan's team was meant to deliver, NoFace shot their ship down as well for parts to repair the first ship. NoFace met them again below the city where Calan and his men were being imprisoned.

NoFace attacks Six

Not hesitating to protect himself, NoFace attacks Agent Six in order to protect himself.

He was able to take the device from Rex, but only because it was important to Providence and thus would lure more ships to the Bug Jar. He then led another attack on Rex and the others at an abandoned hotel. Rex was able to retrieve the device from him as he stung him with a molecular scanner, before he and the others escaped on another ship. At the last attempt to escape the Bug Jar, NoFace tried to reach the hole in the shield on a Gelatinor but failed. NoFace fell back into the city just to learn that Captain Calan remotely destroyed the Providence ship.[1]

Season Two


Later on Van Kleiss used Breach to break into the Bug Jar to forge an alliance with NoFace and use his army for world domination. NoFace agreed to the alliance on the condition that he could kill Rex in exchange. Van Kleiss' plan was working well until Rex drove a wedge into Van Kleiss' and NoFace's relationship. Van Kleiss needed Rex alive, though not intact, to discover how he got his powers back while NoFace wanted to kill Rex. In the process NoFace lost two chances of escaping from the Bug Jar: Van Kleiss's alliance and the malfunctioning shield regulator as well as getting revenge on Rex.[2]

Season Three

Heroes United

During the Alpha Nanite crisis, nearly every EVO in the Bug Jar was killed by Alpha.[3] However, NoFace escaped and was imprisoned in a high security Providence facility.[4]

Enemies Mine

317-Hunter Cain and NoFace

Hunter Cain releases NoFace.

NoFace was released from his highly secured cell by Hunter Cain after a prison break at a Providence base occurred. Out of rage, he jumped out and attacked Hunter Cain, Gatlocke, and Valve. He was held down by Hunter Cain until he mentioned that the group's objective was to kill Rex. By the sound of this, NoFace agreed to form an alliance.

Planning to tire Rex down, he encountered Rex in the sewers and fought him. However, he escaped shortly afterward. Later, they located Rex's location which was at a base used to offload Rex's surplus nanites. After finding Rex, the party began to do battle, but lost due to Rex manipulating his surplus nanites to cause the nanite chamber to trap them in a yellow dome-shaped barrier.[4]

Endgame, Part 2

Free from Providence's clutches and returning to the ruined Bug Jar, the Worldwide Cure returned NoFace to his human form. Shocked by this, he absorbed in the moment of being cured.[5]


NoFace has a rather vicious personality. He is extremely vengeful,[2] as shown when he attempted to kill Rex since he was the one who stopped NoFace from escaping the Bug Jar.[1] He also has a hatred towards humans and Providence for locking him up, calling them "The Before", most likely since they forgot them and left them in pain.


NoFace grabs Rex's machine

NoFace utilizes all his strength to overpower Rex's machines.

NoFace can communicate with other EVOs through their nanites; this lets him control the unintelligent ones and persuade the intelligent ones like Rex. He can also see into their minds, using this power to his benefit. NoFace has proven himself to be a powerful EVO with greatly enhanced strength. His great strength, as seen before, was capable of knocking Rex into a pillar. He is skilled at combat, and possesses four arms that further this ability. When he was attacked by Agent Six, he was able to flawlessly disarm him. Like most EVOs, NoFace is also very damage-resistant, able to survive such weapons as Six's blades or being buried underground without any noticeable or negative effect. He was also able to withstand a large part of pavement crushed onto him by Van Kleiss.[2]


Season One

Season Two

Season Three


  • NoFace talks in the first person plural (for example, he says "we" or "us", instead of "I" or "me").[1]
  • NoFace is the only talking EVO that lived in the Bug Jar.[1][2]


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