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MR omicron nanites

The numerous colony of Omicron nanites as they defend their host, Rex.

OmiCRON NANItes. LOST children... IN a CHILD. Lost.

–Robot trapped in Sheik's body., Issue #2 - "Size Matters", page 17

Omicron nanites are the "children" of machinery evolution sought by every conscious machine on the planet. The only known colony of Omicron nanites are living inside Rex's heart. The boy was unaware of their existence deep within his own body.[1]

The Omicron nanites are fully aware of their own existence, having their very own thoughts, feelings, memories and personalities. They are freely able to think and act on their own accord. Their primary job is to protect their host from any physical harm.[1]


  • One of the nanites is called "Adrian".[1]
  • One of the nanites mentioned his mother.[1]


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