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Providence Headquarters
Providence Headquarters.
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Providence Headquarters is the control center of the organization Providence located in a remote desert. It is known to have a Petting Zoo of E.V.O.s.

Sections and rooms

Maintaining areas

  • Briefing room
  • War room
  • "King's Road" - a labyrinth of secret passages that stretches under the headquarters
  • "The Hive" - central "nervous system" of the entire Providence complex
  • Encryption Towers

Living areas

Research areas



Other facilities

  • Gym
  • Cafeteria - it is known for having repetitive menus:
    • "Taco Day"[1]
    • "Fiesta night" - happens each Wednesday - Mexican food is served.[2]
  • Gift shop - was arranged for filming crew.[1]


  • Providence Headquarters has been shown under construction multiple times.



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