Providence agents

Providence agents

Providence agents are soldiers that make up the army of Providence. They were originally led by White Knight, but after Rex was accidentally sent six months into the future, White Knight was replaced by the Black Knight.[1] After Black Knight and the Consortium gained the power of the Meta-Nanites, White Knight reclaimed his leadership of Providence, as its agents are shown serving him again.[2]


Their job is to suppress various EVO activities all around the world. The agents occupy a variety of roles from technicians to soldiers. They also set up mobile bases around the world to contain and cure EVOs with the help of Rex.[3]

Training and exercise

Cadet training

Main Article: Providence Basic Training

Before officially joining Providence, every Providence soldier must start out as a cadet at Providence Basic Training. Cadets are tested on their physical and mental skills to determine if they are capable of working for Providence. Providence Basic Training is very challenging to complete, as most cadets have caved under the pressure. Others have been simply sent home because they could not live up to the duties.[4]


Providence sometimes sends out its agents on global exercises to train with other Providence operatives from around the world.[5]


Providence agent

Basic agent uniform.

Providence uniforms have a black and white color scheme. Agents wear black suits along with a black balaclava with a white rectangle at the level of their eyes - most likely their version of goggles. They also wear white vests along with backpacks, utility belts, and boots.[6]

Rank distinction

As a para-military organization, Providence agents have their own rankings. Agents with different rankings have subtle differences in their uniforms. So far the following ranks have been shown:

  • Admiral: An admiral's uniform differs from an average agent's by the addition of a white sash worn over the left shoulder and a white pad on the right.[7]
  • Captain: A captain's uniform differs from an average agent's by partially switched colors. The captain's shirt is white while the vest is black - the rest of the uniform, however, is the same.[6]
  • Sergeant: A sergeant's uniform is similar to an average agent's except for a white blank shoulder sleeve insignia and lack of a mask.[4]
  • Lieutenant: A lieutenant's uniform does not differ from a standard Providence agent's uniform. However, in some cases individuals choose not to wear masks.[8]
  • Cadet: A cadet's uniform seems to be no different than an average Providence agent's. However, cadets are not seen wearing masks or backpacks.[4]

Uniform types

  • Pilot suits: Pilot suits are mostly black, with a few white colored additions such as extra chest protection or belts and pads. The helmet is mostly black with wide vision range and white stripes on its sides. Additionally, the helmet has special tubes connected to a device located on the collar of the suit. The uniform also includes black boots.[9]
  • Stealth suits: A stealth suit does not differ much from an average Providence suit. The stealth mode is activated by pulling up the mask over the mouth of the agent, making the user invisible to the naked eye. However, one can still be heard if not used carefully. Rex and Bobo "kept" a couple of stealth suits for their own use.[10]
  • Scuba diving suits: Providence agents also have uniforms they wear to go underwater. Like a regular scuba diving suit, it comes with flippers, goggles, and an oxygen tank. The uniform colors are black and white.[11]
  • Lab coats: Gowns are worn by the scientific technicians who work at the lab. The gown differs from an ordinary Providence uniform by having large goggles in the place of a white rectangle over the eyes and also a visible mouth. The vest is replaced by a knee-long white robe.[12]
  • Arctic suits: When in harsh weather conditions, agents appear to wear extra garments such as white coats. Providence agents that worked at Paradise wore this all the time.[12][13]
  • Space garments: Suits used to protect agents from the harsh environments of outer space.[14]

Black Pawns

219-Black pawns

Providence agents of the future.

When Rex traveled six months into the future, he noticed two agents who were guarding the entrance to Black Knight's office. They appeared to be wearing full black suits with dark grey vests and a white, glowing, rectangular form of goggles.[15]

There also appears to be more agents that wear this uniform. Unlike most other Providence agents, they are not only skilled in basic marksmanship, but also in swordsmanship and stealth. They are more agile and more of a formidable fighting opponent and appear to be Black Knight's elite guard. Rex dubbed them "Black Pawns".[1]

It is later revealed that the Black Pawns are nothing more than robots programmed to serve Black Knight's every command.[2] They are the only force of agents that remained loyal to Black Knight after White Knight reclaimed Providence.[16]


Providence agents were equipped with various kinds of high-tech weaponry, gear and vehicles in their EVO suppression operations.




Former agents


  • A running gag in the series is that often when Providence agents are killed or wounded, a "Wilhelm Scream" is heard.[17]
  • Providence has an advertising campaign (TV commercials[4], billboards[18] etc.) encouraging people to join Providence.
  • Rex was the first Providence agent to be seen wearing a stealth suit.[10]
  • In the episode "Payback" a group of Providence Agents are seen firing their EVO Blasters at a group of Sklugg and are driving them back.


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