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Providence binoculars

Rex looks through the binoculars in the dark.

Providence binoculars are a pair of mirror-symmetric telescopes used by operatives of Providence. This version of binoculars appears to have special features, such as night vision.


Trapped in the Bug Jar, Agent Six used his binoculars to look for a path that could make them safely escape through the cluttered streets of EVOs.[1]

When the lomitle takeover was happening in Beijing, China, there was a plan executed on the swarm of EVOs to guarantee their defeat. As all agents had to clear out for safety, Agent Six used the binoculars to get a better view at what was happening from afar. As a result of their plan working,.[2]

While in the Sonoran Desert at night, Rex used binoculars to get a better view of the inside of a dark cave that was seemingly miles away from where he was. However, he had a different variation that could even out light, similar to night vision.[3]

One occasion, Holiday used it during a drive to infiltrate Providence headquarters after it had undergone Black Knight's administration.[4]


  • Rex's binocular's are the only ones that have night vision.[3]


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