Quarry's enforcers
Quarry's enforcers


Quarry (formerly)

Notable members:

Top enforcers





Quarry's enforcers were a group of criminal EVOs under the command of Quarry. After Quarry was defeated by Rex, they were all imprisoned by Providence.


Quarry was known for being a top criminal and leader of the group in Hong Kong. Like a mafia, they were good at organizing attacks and committing treasonous crimes. Many were terrified of them, which was why people avoided crossing the line with them. On multiple occasions, Quarry would send his top enforcers to give personal messages to Rex and his friends. They were sold to him in the past and they, too, became a part of his party. They were forced into stealing, however, they were stopped by Rex in the end.[1]



  • They resemble a mafia, since a lot of their members have Italian accents.


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