Rex Goggles

Rex's newly enhanced goggles.

Rex Salazar's goggles are an accessory that Rex possesses, most likely to protect his eyes. Upon losing them, he received another pair that was modified by Dr. Holiday.


When Rex was younger and was just learning how to operate his nanites into building machines, he had gotten into numerous accidents that put his eyes and face in danger. For his sake, Agent Six had gotten him a pair of goggles. After the boy refused to wear them, Agent Six claimed that they were created by a special craftsman and, since the man turned EVO., were his last creation. The story convinced the boy to claim them as his own.

Rex lost his goggles in the midst of a battle while handing them over for someone else to hold. Unaware, the stranger had driven off, causing Rex to relentlessly search for his goggles. Eventually, Rex ran into the stranger who was part of a delivery service called "Goggle Girls" who had similar goggles to those of Rex as a part of their uniform. Later at the Plant Rex received a new pair of goggles from Doctor Holiday who also modified them with extra features.[1]

Vision features

  • Infrared vision
  • Microscopic vision
  • Nano vision
  • X-ray vision[2]


  • The goggles were the first gift Rex had received from Six after joining Providence, in other words the first nice thing he can remember someone doing for him which is the reason why the goggles are so important to him.[1]
  • According to Bobo Haha, there were dozen of such goggles in the Providence service bay.[1]
  • His enhanced goggles were shown earlier before they were even introduced to him. It's explained that the episode they were shown in (the Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United special) takes place after the episode he got them (Double Vision).[3]


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