Species Animal
Body type Insect
Adaptations Growth
Further info
First appearance "Leader of the Pack"
Last appearance "The Forgotten"

Swarmers are winged, insect like EVOs and are usually seen in numbers. They stand roughly around human height, and they seem to be submissive EVOs, considering that the only times they're ever seen is when they are being controlled.


When The Pack arrived in New York City on the Blimp, there appeared to be numerous swarmers along the Blimp's back. Up close, they are large enough to carry and transport a human. Later, when Rex got into a violent battle with Van Kleiss, one was ordered to pick Van Kleiss up and flee with him from the battle field.[1]

Some also appear to inhabit the Bug Jar, and are also under NoFace's control. When he demanded his army of EVOs to attack Providence, the swarmers appeared to be within the crowd of EVOs.[2]


Season One


  • They act as pilot fish do with sharks.


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