• I have a few questions about the end of the series.

    1) If Rex cured the entire world, wouldn't that have spelled disaster for the native inhabitants of Aquania? Without their bubble shields or 100% EVO population, wouldn't their ecosystem have collapsed?

    2) Why did Bobo appear to not be cured? Did Rex intentionally not cure him?

    3) Could the nanites potentially be reactivated for their original purpose, to increase human longevity and end disease and hunger?

    4) What did the Consortium do to retain some of their powers? Without the Meta-Nanites, why didn't their powers go away entirely? (It could be for the same reasons as Rex retaining his powers without the technology Meta-Nanite inside of him which helped induce his EVO evolution, as mentioned by Caesar.)

    5) What will become of Providence now that the world has been cured?

    6) Crazy out-there question... wouldn't some other beings in the universe have discovered the God Code before humanity and used it to become omnipotent? If they did, why wouldn't they become overlords of the universe?


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      1. Technically speaking, yes. But I would like to think that if Rex had godhood, he wouldn't be so irrational about that. We may never know.
      2. I'd like to think so. Bobo was one of his closest friends in that entire facility. It would suck if one of your friends could no longer communicate with you.
      3. Let's be honest. Humanity never learns their lesson, especially when you have people who advocate it. With Black Knight and Van Kleiss on the loose, I doubt they wouldn't try anything. Remember; Van Kleiss, one of the original scientists of the nanite project, was taken to some other unworldly dimension with The they might have not been cured and they still possess nanites.
      4. The thing is we don't know if their powers did or did not vanish entirely. When Black Knight tried to escape Rex, she said she was taking them to a place that "might" retain some of their abilities. They were in a lab (shrug). Realistically, I doubt it worked. I don't think you can escape the power of a god by hiding in an underground bunker.
      5. At the end of Endgame, Part 2 we can see that Rex is still responsible for protecting the world against even bigger problems. Along with the past existence of EVOs, im sure a lot of other threats are possible.
      6. I guess. Maybe someone is already overlord of the universe and the life Rex was living was just an illusion/dream. Maybe no one else really exists and the entire life of Rex is a simulated reality like the Matrix :P

      Sorry I got around so late to this. I figured someone else would've answered it.

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