Tyrannosaurus Rex
Vital statistics
Name Tyrannosaurus Rex
Aliases T. Rex
Physical description
Eye color Black
Abilities Possesses the normal strength of a dinosaur its height and build
Weapons Fangs
Allies Breach
Further info
First appearance "Lions and Lambs" (only appearance)
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The Tyrannosaurus Rex was an ancient creature that Breach pulled from the Cretaceous period with her portals.[1]


While fighting a group of Providence agents, Breach used her enhanced powers to teleport a Tyrannosaurus Rex into their midst. Rex tried to cure it and soon realized that it was not an EVO, but an actual T. Rex. When he and Agent Six attempted to kill the creature, Dr. Holiday warned them not to destroy the scientific find of a lifetime. The Tyrannosaurus Rex was eventually transported to Providence Headquarters where it quickly decayed to dust, its actual age, within two hours.[1]


Season Two


  • The Tyrannosaurus Rex was the third largest land carnivores of all time. The two that are larger than the Tyrannosaurus are Spinosaurus and Giganotosaurus.


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