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    Ok I was just on youtube watching a music video about Endgame part 1 and 2 when I noticed that the dude piloting the mecha at the end (link here: pause at 3:55) looked familiar. So I did a little cross checking and I realized "holy nanites! That's Doctor Fell!" Is this fore shadowing? Is Fell the if not a new big bad for the next series? Ah the suspense is killing me! CURSE YOU HIATUS!!!


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    Season 3 Plot arc

    February 22, 2012 by Brandon Storm9

    The third season is starting to build up a rather interesting storyline, if I were a guessing man I'd say this is how the plot is going to work, and yes I know they're out of Order:

    Following the cliff hanger of the season 2 finale Van Kleiss disappeared, here we learn where he went.

    Van Kleiss returns to the present and is recruited by BK into the New Nanite Project using the information from Riddle of the Sphinx.

    Yet another Nanite Project scientist found, Peter Meechum.

    First of the unknown amount of Meta-Nanites are found, history about them is also explained. Cesar begins the process of reviving Gabriel Rylander and restarting the Nanite Project.

    Second Meta-nanite is found. All Abysus residents forcibly inducted into Providence's army.


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    Rafael and Violeta

    December 4, 2011 by Brandon Storm9

    As some of you might be aware a image of the nanite project scientists have surfaced thus allow me to post my theory about who the individuals in the picture are.

    • Third from right Caesar

    • Third from Left Gabriel

    • First on right Violeta

    • Second on left Van Kleiss

    • Second on Right Rafael

    • First on left Unknown (possibly the CEO that was turned E.V.O. at the beginning of Dark Passage).

    Half of the people in the photo are clearly Mexican, one is obviously Caesar based on the fact that there is only one other Mexican male he is Rafael, the woman is obviously Violeta since she is the only female present, I don't know how to crop a image so so I can't extract their portraits but if someone can crop the image then we can make profiles pictures of …

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    Admittedly, I haven't actually played Agent of Providence myself due to circumstances beyond my control (budget mostly) that said I have watched a full walkthrough, and it is a excellent first installment of a video game franchise, it's fun to play that's the main thing. However for a sequel they can do better and here's how I think that can happen.

    1. More levels greater play time, I'm thinking Mexican village (specifically the one featured in Night Falls) Aquania, The Bug Jar, Paradise Base, Petting Zoo, Abysus, Hong Kong, Greenville Ohio, Gabriel Rylander's lab, and the desert featured in Written in Sand.
    2. Puzzles, lots of puzzles, specifically puzzles unique to Rex's machines (Ex: Smack Hands used to turn gears, BFS to hack obstacles, Slam C…
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    CN Security leak

    October 14, 2011 by Brandon Storm9

    As I'm sure Many of you are aware there has been a sting of episodes released early on the CN site, Most of which are Generator Rex episodes, and later Youtube. Night Falls, Hard Target, A Family Holiday, and now Grounded. To Quote the famous saying "Once is happenstance, Twice is Coincidence, Three times is enemy action." Your opinions on this matter will be most appreciated personally if this keeps up CN might take drastic action.

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