Hello there my loyal bloggers I write this post with exciting news; it seems that for the past few months Activision has been buzzing around with news of a new game a few days ago it was confirmed: Generator Rex: Agent of Providence is coming to a WII, Xbox 360, Playstation and (N)DS console near YOU in OCTOBER!!! (Three cheers for Activision!!!)

The Game will follow Rex as he Hacks, Slashes, and Smashes his way through Scorching deserts, blistering Jungles, and bustling Metropolises in a race against time facing off against Van Kleiss at every turn as they work to Collect the parts of a doomsday weapon designed to Give E.V.O.s immeasurable power.

My loyal Bloggers I propose you to start scouring the enternet and find more information about this game so that we can assemble a page on it starting now!! Those who are about to Scour I salute you!

UPDATE: Hello again my loyal bloggers We have pictures to go along with our news, Screen shots has confirmed the Slam Cannon BFS Smack Hands and Punk Busters as usable weapons and the on screen image shows Rex using the Axe Hands. Enemies featured are all recycled from the show.and though no names have ever been mentioned I think you'll recognized them.

I've also learned that Rex will also be using the weapon parts he'll be collecting to boost his own powers.

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