Nanite Project scientists

Note the woman on the far right and the man second to the right.

As some of you might be aware a image of the nanite project scientists have surfaced thus allow me to post my theory about who the individuals in the picture are.

• Third from right Caesar

• Third from Left Gabriel

• First on right Violeta

• Second on left Van Kleiss

• Second on Right Rafael

• First on left Unknown (possibly the CEO that was turned E.V.O. at the beginning of Dark Passage).

Half of the people in the photo are clearly Mexican, one is obviously Caesar based on the fact that there is only one other Mexican male he is Rafael, the woman is obviously Violeta since she is the only female present, I don't know how to crop a image so so I can't extract their portraits but if someone can crop the image then we can make profiles pictures of them.

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