The Meta Nanites

    February 25, 2012 by CNBENREX10

    I think I know where most of the Meta Nanites are

    Well We al know that White has one in his office (1/5) I am definately sure that Rex has one inside him but I think he might have 2 (2/5) or (3/5) If you listen closely in Dark Passage to what Van Kleiss is saying you Would notice that he says the consortium wants something that Rylander Has and most of us thought it was the nanite formula i don't think it was, and most of you would also notice Cesaer is trying to bring Rylander Back he would'nt do this because he wanted his best buddy back he wants him to tell him where his meta nanite is. (3/5) or (4/5)

    What im thinking is that Rafael and Violeta gave pieces of the Meta's to th The people who we're at the Nanite Event and they tru…

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    When is this crossover gonna get here. Black Friday seems months away I just wanna see this movie or crossover or whatever. And I want a second crossover or movie. That would be awedsome.

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