Generator Rex Grounded
Gues what? The Man of Action website mentioned the Gen Rex Wiki in their website:

Plus Congrats to JuniperAlien, The Men of Action used two photo you took! One on the blog and Facebook, and the other one on facebook too! The post is down there:

The MAN OF ACTION guys go 2-D on Generator Rex!

Posted by MOA on October 20, 2011

You all know Man of Action...but do you know our pixelated personas as the Men of Action? Check out our animated "re-debut" (the guys actually appeared in an episode once before!) in Man of Action's Generator Rex last Friday on Cartoon Network. Head over to

Facebook to see more pics.

**Little MoA trivia: In the first episode we didn't voice ourselves. BUT on this one we did, albeit our voices were sped up just a bit to make us from "MANS" to "TEENS".**

Can you believe the Gen Rex Wiki refers to us as "Hoodlums"? Whaaaat? Us?! They didn't even capture Joe's Handlebar. And Duncan has more hair than that!

What do you think?

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