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  • My occupation is working on a project and I'm looking for help from trusted, intelligent, creative allies. Also, I play video games for a living (while going to school). Problem?
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  • Firestormblaze

    Since Rex is in the future/present, on providence, and they have collars on E.V.O.' s now. Where is VK, and The Pack ? I mean, is he dead, and is the new provicence the enemy ? Are they the ONLY enemy ?! Where. Is VK ?! Is he dead, is he alive ? Did he ever exist ? Maybe he died when Breach twsited time ? Where is Breach ? We know who Black Knight is, somewhat. We need/want more on her. Does anyone still think she's breach ?

    What are your thoughts on this ?

    Does anyone else's head hurt from all this, "past..or really the future" thing ? God, I know mine does. BK says it's the present, but it was 6 months ahead. So...what's up ? I would like your thoughts on this matter.

    Who's ready for the new episode ? Is this just another one of those, "Kick Back, and…

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