Hello to all editors! I'm doing a mission here to add more pictures to his Wiki. Why? It's because pictures contains more information. Pictures will make a very nice addition to make this Wiki more livable and reliable. I also encourage all editors to add more pictures for other characters, something that is instructive or contains other appearance of the characters.

However there are some things you should remember before adding pictures in this wiki:

  • Please add pictures that only contain Generator Rex or anything related to this show.
  • Do not add fan pics. One reason is to keep this official as possible. Other reason is that it's not nice taking pictures without asking the artist's permission. But mostly we want this official, fresh from CN.
  • Screen captures are the best, but try to add pictures that are informative. Too many second sequences are okay but it's a bit unnecessary, try something that is after 5-10 minutes laps.
  • Name it right. No cursing names, but rather an informative name for the pictures. Give it captions if you think it's necessary.
  • We need titles for each gallery. Let's all keep the pictures organized.

You may request pictures in here, I'll try my best to screen cap for it. Have fun!

Warm regards, Flickfreak.

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