In episode one Rex greets a Huge EVO he is going to fight and cure “Okay Monster Guy, now thrill me.”

my current philosophy of life is "Enjoy the journey." Which means, we should receive with joy every hard and painful challenge life throws at us.

Rex’s “thrill me” is a perfect parable for this approach to life.

My "monster guys" may not be EVOS but things like poverty, stress, illness, confusion, misunderstanding, discrimination, disrespect, loneliness, boredom, chaos, sin, ignorance, failure, animosity, etc...but still...

"OK, monster guy, NOW THRILL ME."

....why not enjoy the battle against these monsters, to cure them?

Generator Rex is full of great Parables:

This is my favorite: "A person is a person no matter how screwed up they are." Rex exemplifies loving everyone. He fights mindless monsters, purely with the desire to save them, to turn them human again. He's constantly seeking [often succeeding] to get his enemies to work together with him. Rex treats people he doesn't like and doesn't understand as friends. Not by pretending he likes them, but with honesty. He calls Breach weird to her face, tells her plainly that he will never understand her, and doesn't want to try, even though she has made clear she wants to be understood. But in the end he tries to set her free, not knowing if she will destroy him. Her freedom --though she is his enemy-- is more important to Rex that his own life. In his own way he is Christlike.

Then there is Ceasar. In the Heroes United episode Ceasar cheerfully and remorselessly abandons his brother and Ben to monster and explosion, flying away in his mobile lab to go rebuild the technology to defeat the monster he has abandoned them to.

He does his part. He leaves them in the hand of God to do their part. Why worry?

Ceasar enjoys the journey, too, in his own way.

Rex says, when introducing Ceasar to Ben, something like---"That's Ceasar. He's my brother. He's a little crazy and he's working for the wrong side, but he's still a good guy."

The last time they met prior to this introduction, Ceasar tried to use a mind control machine on Rex. Given that Rex values freedom over his own life, that could have been seen as unforgivable. But no: Ceasar is still a good guy.

It's ok to be crazy. It's ok to be working for the wrong side sometimes. Enjoy the journey with honesty and freedom. Do your own part and cheerfully let your brother face his own monsters--even those YOU created. Isn't that what the Gospel is all about?

OK monster guy, now THRILL ME.

[I'm just trying to learn how to post blogs here so please let me know if anything here is messed up or inappropriate]

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