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    Omega Van Kleiss

    March 24, 2012 by OmegaNanite

    Hey guys! Check out my newly-created page here:

    Created on March, 23rd, 2012 8:47 P.M. PST

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  • OmegaNanite

    About: This blog is basically just me, OmegaNanite, posting and adding my list of ideas about machines that could, but obviously won't, be implemented into the actual show. However, it's just mostly me sharing my creativity with you guys, as well as "killing" time when bored, and you guys giving feedback on my ideas in the comment's section. It will be updated from daily to weekly to whenever I have time. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

    Machine Name: Generat-ah Drills

    • Build Location: Arms
    • Arm Location: Left and Right
    • Appearance Description: Rex creates two huge, wide, and cylinder-shapes drills on each of his hands. The color of the drills are completely black, however each have three…

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  • OmegaNanite

    So, which Consortium member, whether from the original character, appearance, or meta nanite power, do you currently favor the most?

    1. Black Knight- Able to generate machines similar to Rex and unite the Consortium.
    2. Roswell- Able to control the element Fire and Ice and many ways.
    3. Sir Anthony Haden-Scott- Able to control the element of electricity and fly.
    4. Xanubian- Able to control time through teleportation, rewinding time, and etc.
    5. Reddick- Able to control gravity and fly.

    My favorite would have to be Xanubian, since Time is my favorite overall element.

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