aka Rex Salazar

  • I live in South Carolina, Elgin
  • I was born on November 10
  • My occupation is A,B,C, student only one C, My career as an actress, singer, and a cartoonist
  • I am male
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    October 8, 2011 by RexSalazar1

    Exposed: Aww- man! It was out of something out of odds. Did you see it! At the begging White tells providence "be carful what you say and be careful what you do." Then Rex comes in and they point there guns at Rex and Bobo. Rex says "sorry where late." Bobo says, You don't prove anything." So Rex goes asking okay, whats going on, he also ask did Van Kleiss take over HQ?" Six then says Worse." It was the news lady, Rex tries to get on the camera. He even made Bobo free some E.V.Os, so Rex can be on camera. Also Bobo wants them to know something about his peice of his mind, I think? It turned out that the EVO could grow on electricity and grow tell its big. The weird part about it was that all Caesar would say is Not a good time or Still not…

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