• Wszemir

    O Calan, Where Art Thou?

    November 13, 2011 by Wszemir

    like seriously where is this guy?! I've been patiently waiting for him - examining every background and foreground for past season, searching for his utter awesomeness showing up somewhere!

    Now the whole providence is all upside-down, Caesar is acting ambiguous, Rex is acting all paranoid, Six turns back to his old self, 'White' Guy was overthrown by 'Black' chick... so many things are happening and Calan is nowhere to be found!


    I hope he's, at least, not dead...

    so in meantime we all wait for him to show up(well I wait for him - dunno about you)... Do you have any theories about his strange absence? to tell the truth I don't have anything except 'lying seriously wounded in Hospital wing'... or maybe he's on some so…

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  • Wszemir

    we all know that Generator Rex was based on a 2-issues long comic M.Rex.

    I've been wondering do YOU have your personal favourite short-lived comics/graphic novels that you would love to see expanded like it was with M.Rex/Generator Rex?


    If I could choose I would definitely want to see the 6-issues long NINJA Boy by Ale Garza turned into massive action-packed ass-kicking cartoon with at least PG-15 ranting(of course I wouldn't mind it to be NC-17 or even R) but you know the drift!

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  • Wszemir

    it's something about what I've been thinking of for some time now - this place is quite littered and disarranged so I was thinking about setting a bunch of guidelines which would help to improve this wikia to some extend - I'm posting it so far as a blog entry so any pros and cones could be voiced out here unofficially and after arranging all the points and being (un)approved it could be posted and working as official set of 'rules'.

    ah, one more thing: to the 'gallery' I've added some Flickfreak's ideas

    so here we go:

    "in this line of work we all have to do things we don't want to" -doctor Holiday

    Since most of you might hate rules just as much as Rex - try to think of this page content as of guidelines to help you grasp the sole idea how thin…

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