like seriously where is this guy?! I've been patiently waiting for him - examining every background and foreground for past season, searching for his utter awesomeness showing up somewhere!

Now the whole providence is all upside-down, Caesar is acting ambiguous, Rex is acting all paranoid, Six turns back to his old self, 'White' Guy was overthrown by 'Black' chick... so many things are happening and Calan is nowhere to be found!


I hope he's, at least, not dead...

so in meantime we all wait for him to show up(well I wait for him - dunno about you)... Do you have any theories about his strange absence? to tell the truth I don't have anything except 'lying seriously wounded in Hospital wing'... or maybe he's on some sort of long-termed mission? or got some unexpected transfer? or maybe escaped providence along with Six, Holiday and Knight?

Please Calan, some back soon, I need you to say 'partner' toward the sceen... seriously I do ;_;

I know that in reality it's Wally Kurth's (Six) voice, but still, it's not the same without the accent... (sits in the 'corner of gloom' next to Flick <- who is saddened by Caesar's fate)

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