Valve profile
Vital statistics
Name Valve
Species Human
Aliases The Biker
Base of operations Japanese-styled biker bar
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color White
Eye color Yellow
Abilities Fused with motorcycle
Weapons Siamese P-90, laser chain, missile launcher
Allies NoFace, Gatlocke, Hunter Cain
Enemies Rex Salazar
Further info
First appearance "Crash and Burn"
Last appearance "Enemies Mine"
Portrayed by: Maurice LaMarche
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Valve is an eccentric samurai-styled biker and dealer of an altered form of nanites.


Season Three

Crash and Burn

Valve is the dealer of an altered form of nanites that can link a person to technology. He began selling the nanites to local bikers, who unless they kept in constant contact with their bikes would kill them.

He himself used his own product for so long that he became fused to his motorcycle. When Rex traced the nanites that were killing his new biker friends back to Valve, he challenged Valve to a race.

The winner would keep the entire supply of altered nanites, the loser would be dead. Valve accepted the challenge and Rex was brought to his personal race course.

At first Valve and his supply of hi-tech weapons put him into the lead; however, when Rex realized he could use more than one build at a time, he easily destroyed Valve's bike. In the end, Valve attempted to kill Rex but was easily beaten by Rex with the Smack Hands.[1]

Enemies Mine


Valve breaks out of prison.

Valve had formed an alliance with Gatlocke, NoFace, and Hunter Cain after a Providence prison break. He, along with the group, planned to kill Rex. Unfortunately for him, Rex didn't really consider Valve as a threat; insulting him. With Rex's insults, this angered Valve and caused him to easily be defeated. Ultimately, he was snared into a barrier created by Rex using his offloaded nanites.[2]


Valve is a laid back individual, supposedly allowing the wind to guide his every action. However, he is not one to pass up a race and is prideful in his abilities to the point of believing himself unbeatable, becoming enraged whenever he is beaten. He has a habit of referring to himself in third-person, as "The Biker".


Years of abuse of his altered nanites has granted Valve limited technopathy. He is capable of driving his motorcycle at high speeds. In addition, he is competent in the use of high-tech weapons that he appeared to have made himself. He's also proficient in hand to hand combat, able to dodge bullets and take out a Providence agent with ease.[2]


Rex Salazar

At first he was very polite and courteous with Rex, under the belief that he was a potential customer for his nanites. When Rex challenged him for his entire supply of nanites, he calmly accepted and stated that by the time the race was over Rex would be dead. He became enraged when Rex destroyed his bike and won the race, attempting to kill Rex.


Season Three


  • Rex doesn't see Valve as a formidable villain.[2]


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