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Vostok Profile
Vital statistics
Name Vostok
Species Human
Base of operations Consortium base
Affiliation(s) Consortium
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Dark grey
Eye color Green
Allies Anthony Haden-Scott, Reddick, Roswell, Xanubian
Enemies Black Knight
Further info
First appearance "Target: Consortium"
Last appearance "Endgame, Part 1 (flashback)"
Portrayed by: John DiMaggio
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Vostok was a member of the Consortium. He was part of the black market finance and KGB. He was later killed by Black Knight.


When there was a meeting held with Black Knight and the Consortium, Vostok appeared. He seemed to have much doubt with whatever Black Knight presented to them about the Meta-Nanites and the Nanite Project, also constantly calling her "little lady". This angered Black Knight enough to kill him and lie to the members about his death.[1]


Season Three


  • He is Russian.[2]
  • Black Knight eventually revealed his death to the Consortium through a threat.[2]


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