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Zag RS


Caesar Salazar


Eliminating stray nanites that escaped from the nanite tanks


 ·Computer hacking
 ·Replicating herself to other devices to secure her own existence
 ·Draining nanites
 ·Taking control of nanites over a small range

First appearance

"The Architect"

Last appearance

"Written in Sand"

Portrayed By

Grey DeLisle

Dr. Salazar. Good morning. How may I assist you?

–Zag RS to Caesar Salazar, "Written in Sand"

Zag RS is an artificial intelligence computer system created by Caesar Salazar.



A once loyal AI created during the Nanite Project by Caesar Salazar, Zag RS was originally designed as a decontamination program to eliminate nanites that escaped from the nanite tanks.[1] Following the Nanite Event, she was able to survive the destruction of the base by downloading herself to another unnamed location.

She later evolved on her basic programming, going on a single-minded quest to destroy all the nanites released by the Event, which now infected every living creature on the planet.[2]

Season One

The Architect

Rex vs Zag RS

Zag RS vs. Rex.

Using the android housed AI known as the Architect, Zag RS tricked a community of engineers, and later Rex, to build a massive transmitter that she planned to use to transmit a self-destruct command to every nanite on Earth. She was indifferent to the fact that this would wipe out all organic life, including humans, which were infested with nanites. Zag RS was stopped when Rex destroyed the transmitter, but the AI program escaped by downloading herself to an alternate location.[2]


Zag RS downloaded herself onto a data rod which was brought aboard and hooked into a Providence research satellite. She planned to steal the self-deactivating nanite research that she secretly helped develop, which thanks to her modifications, caused nanites to explode instead of shut down. When the station's power was shut down she downloaded herself into a worker drone named Salvator.

Under the guise of Salvator, Zag-RS helped Rex and the satellite's surviving research personnel restabilize the satellite to prompt her escape. Later, Rex and Dr. Holiday stopped Zag RS by both destabilizing the satellite station and sacrificing the nanites.[3]

Season Two

Written in Sand

Zag RS survived the destruction of the satellite in the Salvator drone and had connected to the remains of the satellite to survive. Once that was complete, she began building massive circuit boards out of sand using the nanites in the area, and was responsible for starting a growing sandstorm that began crushing the life and nanites from the earth itself. Only an alliance between Rex and Van Kleiss finally stopped Zag RS. Once captured by Providence, Caesar attempted to learn the cause of the Nanite Event by rebooting her; however, her memory was dumped prior to being brought aboard, reducing her back to her basic decontamination program. Caesar also revealed that he used Violeta Salazar's voice as the voice of Zag RS when he created her as a nanite decontamination program.[1]


The Architect


The Architect.

The Architect is Zag RS' "autonomous counterpart" and servant. An AI housed in multiple android bodies, the Architect is capable of passing for human but is emotionless, cold and tactical. The android, or androids, appeared only once, where it was being used as a tool by Zag RS to manipulate the inhabitants of a village in order to build a transmitter to destroy all nanites. The Architect's many android bodies were destroyed in battles against Rex and the engineers in the village.[2] Its AI was presumably destroyed along with them.



The Salvator drone.

Salvatore was a research drone on a Providence satellite assisting such people as Dr. Holiday with a nanite-shutdown program secretly helped along by Zag RS. A satellite shutdown forced Zag RS to hide in Salvatore while orbital decay forced her to work with Rex to stabilize it. She later mentioned that she liked working with Rex and was sad she had to kill him.[3]

Her ability to take control of Rex's nanites made it impossible for Rex to defeat her on his own. Thus Dr. Holiday was forced to bash her over the head with the canister containing the nanites and escape with Rex and a surviving scientist back to Earth.[3] It is later revealed that Zag RS survived in the Salvatore drone and built a massive mech-like body around it out of sand.[1]

Sand sentinels

Sand sentinels

Sand Sentinels controlled by Zag RS.

Composites of sand and nanites, Sand Sentinels were created by Zag RS as anti-viral sentries to protect her from intruders. They fought Van Kleiss and Rex, both of whom in a rare moment worked together to fight a common foe. Though they were too overwhelming for the likes of Rex and Van Kleiss, Zag RS' defeat led to their destruction.[1]


Season One

Season Two

Video Games


  • Zag RS' name may be a reference to the Greek god Zagreus.


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